Boo Cook is a British comic artist, whose work mainly features in the comic 2000 AD.



Cook's art has appeared in the ABC Warriors and Judge Dredd, as Asylum (written by Rob Williams) and Dead Men Walking (written by David Bishop).

In 2005, Cook graduated to regular work on the flagship story on 2000 AD, Judge Dredd, mostly to scripts by Gordon Rennie and Simon Spurrier. With Spurrier he developed new comedy character Harry Kipling.

Boo Cook started and contributed to the 2000AD Online Charity Auction. Cook has also been providing the art for the latest Judge Anderson stories by Alan Grant, and providing cover artwork on titles such as Marvel's X-Factor, the Elephantmen: War Toys prequel mini-series, and subsequently, the interior art for Elephantmen #21. In 2014, he began working on Doctor Who titles for Titan Magazines.



Simon Davis is a British comics artist best known for his fully painted art work on Sinister Dexter, Black Siddha and Stone Island. However, he is also a member of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists and has produced prize-winning fine art.


Born in 1968 in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, Davis attended Alcester Grammar School, before gaining a "Diploma in Technical illustration" from Mid-Warwickshire College, Leamington Spa in 1986. He subsequently studied illustration and graphic design at Swindon College of Art and after graduating in 1988, he worked as a graphic designer and freelance illustrator of books and magazines for the next five years before moving into comics work in 1993/1994.

Simon Davis lives in London and is currently working on Slaine